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Anannyo Samaj Kallyan Sangostha-ASKS is a social non-Government, non-profit, non-political & humanitarian development organization, founded in 1983 by Alhaj Syeda Nilufar Kaderi and Alhaj Advocate Zahir Ali Quaderi, working about 6,00,000 people to assist the under developed & un-privileged poor-people to uplift their livelihood through providing education, training, legal support, health services, water sanitation, capacity building, awareness and financial support to fight against poverty. Anannyo (ASKS) upholds its commitment towards the development of the Micro Finance service sector by offering high quality services to the local entrepreneurs. The Anannyo always focuses to the ever changing and challenging environments, thus endeavors to diversify into other services which have long-term prospects. With its continuous drive to improve, Anannyo (ASKS) is well on track to be considered as one of the leading MFI of the Country.


Ensure sustainable improvements to the lives of disadvantages in the society.


Provide high quality cost effective services and supports for empowerment of disadvantaged people through participatory socio-economic awareness activities, broader range of health services and Income Generating Activities that deliver value to our beneficiaries of Northern part of Bangladesh.

Values of ASKS

Values of ASKS is to respect in human potential, peace and harmony as well as maintain accountability and transparency.

Our Aim

To bring about a qualitative and substantive change in the socioeconomic processes that would empower the poor and make them self-reliant. People can grow their own businesses with capital. People can earn enough to afford basics like running water, better food, and schooling for their children and health services.


Anannyo Samaj Kallyan Sangostha ASKS works towards achieving the following major objectives:

  • To bring about a qualitative and sustantive change To educate common people about the legal obligations and rights on other members of the society and extend legal aid to the oppressed.
  • To ensure self-employment generation by providing micro finance.
  • To attain self-sufficiency in basic necessities of everyday life with local resources.
  • Raising awareness on food, health, nutrition, water, sanitation and environment issues.
  • To improve the current socio-economic, legal aid and socio-cultural reform aspects of the various classes of people.
  • Advocacy and Research.
  • To help the community to reduce the gander discrimination and take forward the pro-poor agenda for uplifting the livelihood security of poor people.
  • To enhance the institutional, programmatic and financial sustainability of ASKS programs.


ASKS is governed by its registered Constitutions, framed out policies, Rules & Regulation. It's has a General Body and a Governing Body respectively consists of 21 & 7 members. General Body gives overall policy guideline and direction for the efficient functioning of the organization and Governing Body (GB) controls & supervises the General Body, pursues and carries out the objectives of the organization. General Members of Anannyo (ASKS) elects its Governing Body for every two years for policy making and implementation of its regular activities.

Members of Anannyo (ASKS) elected Mr. Md. Alauddin Sheikh and Mr. Md.Abdul Hamid are respectively Chairman and Executive Director of the organization on 25th October 2011 for the period of 02(Two) years and has given the over all responsibilities to implement the activities for carrying out the Anannyo's (ASKS) mission & vision.

Area Covered

ASKS is providing services about 600,000 population of northern part (4 districts included 12 Upazillas, 75 Unions and 890 Villages) of Bangladesh.

For Whom

  • Families of the landless, asset less and marginal farmers
  • Women of female-headed families
  • Destitute and distressed people focusing ultra poor
  • Poor families who are affected natural calamities
  • Entrepreneurs- Focusing Enterprising Poor Women


The major strengths of Anannyo (ASKS) is:
  • A team of trained staffs (269) are capable to carry out Anannyo's (ASKS) mission.
  • Track proven record for providing quality & successful programs.
  • Active Governing Body and Strong Community support exist.
  • Commendable coordination & collaboration with public & private agencies.
  • Formalized financial and managerial practice exist